Parenting is totally a job. So let me tell you about my company, The Lo.Co.

I run a small start-up business that has recently undergone expansion. K.Lo has been with the company for nearly two years, and N.Lo is a New Hire. Along with the CEO and various departments, such as the Canine, Kitchen, and Housekeeping staffs, we are a (sometimes) well-oiled machine.

This web site will chronicle the day-to-day work of being a Manager to small employees. Join us each Work Week for:

Monday Meetings

Tuesday Training Sessions

Wednesday Workshops

Thursday Theories of Management

Casual Fridays

Additional company information available to our clients will include Employee Progress Reports, Performance Reviews, and Water Cooler Talk. Thank you for your interest in The Lo.Co., and I look forward to hearing from you. Comments are welcome and appreciated.


The Manager

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