This morning, K.Lo adamently requested a pickle for breakfast, and while I put my foot down to cookies, who am I to deny a pickle in the morning? It's something I would eat well before noon, and I'm sure I have. In fact, the one memory that immediately popped into my head was one day when I was home from elementary school, the last sick day in a string of a few and feeling much better, I begged my mom for a pickle. She thought it was weird, but I think she eventually let me have it. And I'm pretty sure I didn't chuck it up. Pickles are rad.

In other news, N.Lo may be requesting sick leave soon for a doctor visit. He hasn't pooped since Friday. It's terribly disturbing, and calls to mind Sophia from The Golden Girls, who once commented that if you hadn't pooped in "x" number of days, you'd be in a bad mood, too.

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  1. first off...eegads? i have said that only whilst on stage in the music man... need to eat some prunes so the baby gets some... since friday! dang that's a long time...
    love the new (and other) blog...will add soon!