These days, N.Lo
*flaps arms and legs wildly, could possibly flag down small aircraft.
*brings hands together when lying on back.
*grabs at objects in front of him, including toys, dinner plates, locks of hair.
*unintentionally teases his coworker by grabbing her face and shirt.
*loves to work while lying on his tummy.
*likes small, light rattles and the O-ball on his desk.
*squeals at own workplace successes, and to Be Heard.
*prefers the company of a small blankie on Morning and Afternoon Breaks.
*refuses to clock out for break at the same time as his coworker.
*mainly prefers the 3rd and 4th digits to a pacifier.
*enjoys sitting with The Manager or CEO at company meals.
*turns his head toward Management's and colleagues' voices.
*quiets down at the sight of the sling.
*has rolled from front to back exactly once, more than likely was an accident.
*is ticklish under his arms and chin.

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