It's time for another irregularly scheduled progress report, an updated look at our employees' current endeavors.

*sings into a pickle microphone.
*is very interested in the CEO's real guitar, likes to strum it herself, or bring out her step-stool and dance.
*says, "Come back!" to anyone and anything that has fallen out of her reach.
*says, "Poor N.Lo," when her coworker is sad.
*takes very seriously the task of putting stickers on her shirt.
*calls herself "a princess" whenever she puts on a dress; looks quite pleased about it.
*still talks a lot about using the Employee Rest Room, but remains freaked out about sitting on the potty.
*complains about having her hair put up into pigtails or a ponytail, but will allow it!
*enjoys the motivational training videos called "Annie," "Shark Tale," "Curious George," and "Finding Nemo."
*seems to think N.Lo can save her from the Tickle Monster, appeals to him for help.
*has been training more intensely on the all-important skill of putting things back where you got them from.
*tests her limits with Management with responses such as, "No way!" to certain requests (and is of course put right back in her little two-year employee place).
*still visits the Twoville offices occasionally, but her time at our office is longer and longer all the time.
*has slept better since the scary green eye left her night-time workspace.
*plays "sleepy" indoors and outdoors, all she needs is a blanket or towel and a place to lay down.
*seems to have gotten taller in the last week.
*says, "Thank you for coming," and/or "Thanks for having me" when leaving company conferences.

*can sit up unaided for approximately 3 seconds before toppling over like a Weeble-Wobble, except that he does fall down.
*is discovering his toes.
*rolls from front to back and then gets mad because he can't quite turn back the other way.
*continues to break the rules on breaks and the Night Shift.
*grosses out the CEO (to The Manager's amusement) with his gallons of spit-up
*draws more and more commentary that he seems to be an "old soul."
*sometimes complies with The Manager's decree for simultaneous Afternoon Breaks, but sometimes does not.
*eats rice cereal every day, and has also tried sweet potatoes and blueberry applesauce.
*eats up most of said food without complaint.
*now poops every day, like a normal new-hire.

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2 peanuts:
  1. Megan says:

    Great list! K.Lo and N.Lo sound like they are thriving with your managerial techniques. Kudos to you and them both!

  1. Andria says:

    Ditto. You're running quite a productive little company.

    LOVE that picture of N.Lo! And he bears a striking resemblence to the CEO, no? (Not, that I've seen the CEO in a feathered boa)