So, it wasn't really the airplanes, this time, that caused K.Lo's recent setback on the Night Shift. After two disgraceful nights of work, and a company-wide outbreak of that formidable disease, LackOfSleep, Management was at its wit's end--mainly because we had made such great strides in recent weeks. The very idea of going back to night after night of chaos, and day after day of company-wide surliness sent The Manager into a panic. Last night, the CEO simply asked K.Lo what was bothering her, asked her to show him, and she walked over to the TV, said, "Scared."

The TV. Apparently the screen reflects the green bug nightlight, and ends up looking like a big scary eye. It would freak out anyone, much less a two-year employee. It's not a new thing, the scary green eye, but now that K.Lo's aware, she can't be expected to block it out. The TV was turned around for the night, and today it was moved Away. Management feels this restructure will aid in heightened productivity on the Night Shift.

We will classify this issue as Solved. For now.

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2 peanuts:
  1. laura says:

    Where is the TV? She can see it from her bed? Yikes.

    I used to be scared of my clock radio because it played that scary song "They're coming to take me away, haha. They're coming to take me away hehe." Remember that one? From like, 1982?

    I knew it was the song and not the radio, but still... my parents had to put the radio in the garage.

  1. Megan says:

    Ooh, a big green bug reflection would scare anyone, no? Hopefully the new arrangement has created peak performance on the night shift!