*N.Lo was inducted into the work world yesterday, officially christened as N.Lo, though our company's priest (who has early Alzheimer's) nearly christened him "Zoe." It was a close shave. More on this Company Event in a future post.

*K.Lo has finally decided on a name for her Work Buddy Doll, who like all the others went by "Dolly" and "Baby" for months now. WBD is called K.La.

*Another interpretation of corporate life by K.Lo: When the CEO mows the office grounds, he is "vacuuming outside."

*Also, all subscription cards in our company magazines are referred to by K.Lo as "five dollars." Management will consider issuing paychecks in this new currency.

*The Managerial Staff has officially voted and passed a motion for corporate restructure. As productivity on the Night Shift remains high only when the staff works separately, N.Lo will officially move into his own office. The planning phase for this restructure has begun; more details will be announced shortly.

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  1. Andria says:

    whew! that was a close one. It would have been difficult to adjust to a new name for both N.Lo AND WBD.

    Wow, I'm sorry you are having to restructure already. It is hard to give up that extra "office" but then again when corporate wants to come calling, you can just say you don't have any room. and give them numbers to the local hotels.