To: All employees
From: The Manager
Re: The Canine Staff

The Manager would like to recognize The Canine Staff for recent exemplary behavior and acknowledge that both Bender and Bailey are doing a great job here at our company. On a recent trip to the company animal doctor, for instance, BenderSpaz laid by the CEO's feet and barely made a peep. BaileyBrown, as well, was compliant and well-behaved as usual for the visit. Both staff members received high marks on their performance reviews regarding weight and overall health. The Managerial Staff is most pleased with this assessment, as we hope these two dogs will remain employed with The Lo. Co. for years to come.

Additionally, The Manager acknowledges that Bender and Bailey have evolved into fairly chill hosts when visitors stop by our company. They remain the best Live Alarm System on the block, and when small employees come to visit, Bender and Bailey, for courtesy's sake, are typically relegated to the grounds. However, when allowed inside for more established company delegates, the B&B duo, after an initial period of excitement toward visitors, descend into a relative air of calm. Bender still struggles with her toe-licking compulsion, but overall, we are proud of her progress.

One final note about The Canine Staff: neither seems to mind when K.Lo calls to them, "Come here, Sandy, come here." Should K.Lo ever stage a full production of Annie, it seems that Bailey in particular will be a front-runner for the supporting canine role.

Based on this outstanding performance review, raises in the form of rawhides and tennis balls just may be in order for The Canine Staff. Congratulations!

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