To: N.Lo
From: The Manager
Re: Speaking Up

Please be advised (my darling little employee) that if you find your working conditions less than satisfactory, you are encouraged and even required to speak up. Voice your concern to The Manager, who will address that concern accordingly. That means, next time, should your eardrum rupture, it is okay to complain! Even be in a bad mood! Before two whole weeks have passed, and Your Manager still hasn't done anything about it because nothing seems to be bothering you, other than a little ear gunk.

So, fuss a little, please! Stop smiling and being all cute and pleasant! File that Sick Leave Request. Just keep The Manager apprised, it's all I ask.

This increased effort toward clear communication will ensure that our company operates at maximum productivity, with minimum levels of employee dissatisfaction. Thank you kindly for your cooperation. My sweet little N.Lo.

Your Manager

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6 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    holy crap!! did you have physicals at the office today? how did you find out? Is he ok? I can't believe he's quite THAT mellow! Is it from straining/spitting up so much?! what is to be done? perhaps I should just email you. .

  1. Poor guy! Have you been taking him deep sea diving without getting proper certification? I hope he feels better! Well obviously, he wasn't that upset to begin with.

  1. er what? you really shouldn't be taking him to such loud concerts.

  1. ashley says:

    Was the voluble too high on the TV?

    Poor N Lo! He's a trooper. And majorly chill. Your children really couldn't be any more different...

  1. Megan says:

    Daaang! Has the peace pipe been going around your office for such things to go uncomplained about? N.Lo's new name should be 'Chill'.

  1. hat says:

    Who's been singing in his ear?