From the desk of the illustrious K.Lo

"What are you thinking?!" Said, all too appropriately, when The Manager was trying to switch out an area rug in The Managerial Staff Room and dropped the bed on her foot. 

"What. You. Doing?"

"I want to go see friends. See friends?" Or, even though she was recently booted out of the small-employees training room there, "I want to go to church."

"I want to hold you." Meaning, I would like to be held, or I would like a hug.

Referencing those coveted office supplies: "That's MINE. You can't HAVE it." 

At the start of Morning Shift, ever since Staff Photo Day: "Have pictures taken?"

While listening to music sent by distant company: "I'm dancing, Manager! I'm dancing!" 

After being asked to take her milk cup to the company kitchen: "Bottle? [Looks around some more.] Anything else?" Grabs bowl as well and takes all three items to sink. 

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  1. Andria says:

    excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. . she's taking dirty dishes to the kitchen?! without being prompted?! Give that girl a raise. .or better yet, send her over to our company for a while.

    So glad you are enjoying the new music!

  1. penelope says:

    Only if you send Dellaina over to our company as a trade. Since she's so great at cleaning up all those scattered office supplies at the end of the work day!

    The music's fantastic. So many songs from childhood that I haven't heard in so long! It's fun. :)