From the desk of The CEO.

The CEO to K.Lo, when N.Lo is crying about anything: "Say, 'Man up!'"
K.Lo: "Man UP."
CEO: "Say, 'You cry like a girl!'"
K.Lo: "Cry like a girl!'"

K.Lo, for the 77 billionth time in a row: "I want [insert coveted, prohibited item], CEO."
CEO: "You can't have [said item]." Pause. "Now stop talking."

K.Lo, to The Manager: "I want MILK, Manager!"
The Manager, for the 68 gazillionth time today: "How do you ask nicely, K.Lo? What do you say."
K.Lo leaves room briefly, consults with CEO. Returns.
K.Lo: "Manager, you're the best!"
The Manager: "Well thank you, K.Lo!"
Disappears for second CEO consultation. Returns.
K.Lo: "Manager, you're PRETTY."
The Manager: "Thank you." Pause. "And yes, I'll be happy to get your milk."

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3 peanuts:
  1. Megan says:

    LOL! The CEO sounds like he's full of... sharp wit!

    K.Lo needs to learn schmooze if she's going to move up the corporate ladder. Starting early, starting early!

  1. Andria says:

    That CEO. .witty and quite the trouble maker, I see, but knows how to kiss up when needed! Excellent role model for K.Lo to learn important people skills.

  1. ashley says:

    I love J.Lo! I can so imagine him teaching K.Lo all sort of sneaky things...