K.Lo is:
*Making use of the new, higher step stool purchased for the Employee Rest Room, is able to climb on toilet by herself, attend to (peeing only) business, step down, and flush. Still omits bottom half of Employee Uniform during this process. But exercises restraint in ripping off "just a little bit of toilet paper," because Elmo told her so.
*No longer convinced we are visiting the Company Doctor for her. After three visits in one month for N.Lo, it seems to have sunk in that no one will assault her with a request to stand on the scale or similar. The Company Doctor is the place where Good Employees receive stickers upon request.
*Clashing at times with The Manager during one-on-one training sessions, which at first The Manager took personally, but then realized is likely just an Employee/Manager Thing. Is much more receptive to sessions with virtually any other trainer. The Manager realizes that her training techniques are very uncool, so the response is understandable.
*Clocking out for Afternoon Break intermittently, only as needed, and of own volition.
*Very into assisting The Manager with "checking the mail."
*Quite possessive of her co-worker, warning others, "That's MY N.Lo!"
*Following in The Manager's footsteps with multiple bruises on her legs from working hard out on the Grounds.
*Enjoying the new pool on the Grounds, in spite of stunningly cold water temperatures. Will stay in there till she is virtually blue.
*Adopting Company Culture well: When asked recently if she knows what Friday is, K.Lo responded, "I want to eat pizza."

N.Lo is:
*About to lose that fingernail, left hand, middle finger. Looks pretty gross.
*Back, after a brief hiatus during the ruptured ear drum recovery, to eating all his fruits and veggies. Doesn't like peas, if anything, but is game for anything else. Gets particularly jazzed about "Good Morning" mixes by Beech-Nut, such as peaches, oatmeal and bananas.
*Spitting up much less these days. The Laundry Fairy is grateful for a (slight) reprieve.
*Pretty much able to hold the bottle by himself, unless it's a large bottle, completely full.
*Not interested one bit in the sippy cup. Finds it insulting.
*Cutting his two bottom teeth. Work on this project is slow and arduous, but steady.
*Interested in Canine Staff paws and fur, cloth and carpet textures, and any desk toy with wheels.
*Instantly calmed, just like his coworker before him, when brought out onto the Grounds.
*Rolling now from back to front, although prefers to work sitting up.
*Getting sneaky and quick in snatching office supplies from others' work spaces. Everyone look out!

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4 peanuts:
  1. I am hoping that Elmo talked to K.Lo in a training video or manual... othewise, I'm a little nervous that your child is taking direction from a puppet that is "telling her to do things"...hmmmm.
    Glad that things are happening well in the Lo. Co. It gives me hope that our employees will be following suit!
    Elijah now refers to his doc as the baby's doctor (with some sort of weird British accent on Doctor... odd) and is happy to assit the doctor in examining Grace. The nurses are taken with him and gave him a WHOLE sheet of stickers the other day, which promptly went onto his shirt...very funny!

  1. penelope says:

    Elmo from the training materials, yes. Good grief!

    That is too cute about Elijah at the doctah.

  1. Megan says:

    Love the lists of the goings on at the Lo.Co. K.Lo and N.Lo make me smile.

  1. Andria says:

    Great updates. I love getting the progress reports. It's like a company newsletter I look forward to reading.