Highlights of our Work Week

*N.Lo as yet refuses to eat Cheerios, but (apparently) had his first taste of goldfishies at our Thursday Park Conference. The Manager brought a bag to share with the small employees, and later this bag spilled near N.Lo's feet. By the time I discovered the spill, N.Lo, looking quite pleased with his good fortune, had orange crumbs on his face and work uniform.

*K.Lo is developing those all-important problem solving skills, moving chairs around the cafeteria in order to reach items that are normally out of her reach. An all-company alert regarding off-limit company supplies to follow.

*The Kitchen Staff would like to advise that N.Lo currently enjoys blowing raspberries while dining in the cafeteria, and it would be best to wear your waterproof uniform jackets and headgear while feeding him.

*K.Lo has been promoted to The Manager's Assistant for N.Lo's diaper changes. Upon request, she brings clean diapers to The Manager, deposits the dirty diaper into the diaper pail, and delivers N.Lo's dirty uniforms to the Laundry Fairy. Our entire company is proud of her enthusiastic efforts to keep our company running smoothly.

*N.Lo has been upgraded to the rolling office chair, banned in many companies nationwide, but enjoyed immensely by The Lo. Co.'s new hires.

*The Laundry Fairy would like to note that the balance of dirty laundry has shifted within our company. N.Lo previously held the title of Highest Laundry Contributer for his skilled geyser impressions, but has now passed that torched to K.Lo and her training in the Employee Rest Room. While K.Lo has made many positive strides in her training, we all know that accidents in the workplace are inevitable. K.Lo would like to submit that N.Lo remains a High Laundry Contributer with all the food he eats and the resulting dirty bibs. When approached for comment on this point, the Laundry Fairy replied, "Fair enough."

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  1. Megan says:

    Saturday Snapshots are excellent. As always, it's interesting to hear the latest goings on at the Lo. Co.!

    Unless you have already, you can now begin grooming K.Lo for other sorts of fetching. Like cold beverages, perhaps.