All too easily, Managers can get caught up in Micro-Managing their employees. The main drawback to Micro-Management is that in such stifling work conditions, no one can breathe. Both Management and employees become overly concerned with work performance, and the simple satisfaction of a productive work day is lost.

Some recent trends in our office that have reminded The Manager to a) back off and b) laugh instead:

*When placing her hand a bit too hard on her coworker's head, before I can even open my mouth, K.Lo says loudly, "Be gentle! He's just a baby!"

*Out on the grounds, she fills a plastic Tupperware with water from the pool and brings it to each member of the Canine Staff, saying, "Some? Bailey, you want a drink? Bender? Some?" It is a tea party on a grand scale.

*The Canine Staff actually drinks from the container, until K.Lo gets the idea to dump the water onto each of their heads.

*K.Lo misprounces two words in ways that make so much sense. One is "balleg" instead of "ballet," because you dance using your legs, right? And the other is "sunscream," instead of "sunscreen," because all she knows is that it's a cream we apply before going out into the sun. I totally get it.

*Again, before I can even issue a reprimand in regards to some object or another that she shouldn't be swinging around or banging on the table, K.Lo says, "That's not a toy!" No, no it is not.

*Twice a day as part of her Work Habits Regimen, K.Lo brushes her teeth, and Management is now training her to use the toothpaste with flouride, meaning the kind you can no longer eat off the brush. The employee hasn't quite gotten the hang of making the toothpaste lather, so there isn't much to spit out. But she puts forth a good effort, leaning over the sink and issuing a dainty yet unproductive "Ptoo."

*K.Lo is currently obsessed with boo-boos and band-aids, and we are training her to understand that band-aids are for serious, bleeding work injuries only. While Management can understand the thrill of wearing a Nemo sticker on one's knee, we don't want her to get the wrong idea about what a band-aid means, nor waste office supplies. But, kisses for all boo-boos, serious or not, are standard protocol. We kiss knees, elbows, fingers, toes. And more often than not, K.Lo will retract her request for a band-aid, walking away solemn, but satisfied.

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6 peanuts:
  1. Megan says:

    I agree with laughter being the best medicine in quite a few cases.

    Hearing your words back can also be fun. Also can not be fun in some instances!

    (The grand tea party sounds like a blast!)

  1. Andria says:

    we are also working on the toothpaste lather and learning to spit, but have to emphasize we're only to spit in the sink - NOT at school or on our friends!

    Also have the fascination with band-aids and we have to tell her it's only if you are bleeding and she'll insist, "I AM bleeding! it IS red!" She also makes statements that we need to "go to hospital" with a little tilted nod of the head and serious face.

  1. penelope says:

    The hospital! Too cute!

  1. Katherine says:

    K.Lo would love the product I made for my son for his tummy-aches. It's an oversized wrap in the shape of a bandage. He was insisting on medicine and I said no (I have to admit I gave up on the no blood no band-aid rule awhile ago)so we wrap this bandage around his tummy and it works. Crying stops, complaining stops!

    The funny thing is that I did have an office request one for their grown-ups who are having a bad day. So it's completely acceptable for the workplace.

    This is completely self-promotion so I understand if it doesn't make it through moderation! I really just thought that it could be a useful tool for you since K.Lo already has the 'band-aid magic' mentality.

  1. penelope says:

    Katherine, very cute product! Thanks for reading.