Employee's Name: N.Lo
Reported by: The Manager

*N.Lo has been sleeping on his stomach ever since that first flagrant violation of The Rules. Recently, however, he has started curling up into a little ball of N.Lo, bottom high in the air. The Manager highly approves of such cuteness.

*N.Lo still sucks his two fingers when sleeping, to the point where the nail bed on one of these fingers is inflamed and bright red. The Manager would love to pick at the water-logged cuticle that extends over half the nail, but exercises self-restraint on this matter, as the employee does not appreciate this level of micromanagement in the least.

*N.Lo jumps at noises both big and small, and the Managerial Staff is as yet unsure what he really makes of them. While recently involved in a game of ROAR with the CEO and K.Lo, N.Lo's eyes were big as saucers every time the game phrase was uttered. Near the end of game, N.Lo contributed his own two cents, saying, "AHH!" in response to every ROAR. But again, was he having fun while playing along? The rest of The Lo. Co. hopes so... but The Manager herself is not a fan of sudden loud noises, and empathizes with the employee.

Employee's Name: K.Lo
Reported by: The Manager

*K.Lo, in the short span of her career, already bites and picks at her own nails, both fingers and toes, perhaps as an outlet for workday stresses. If she runs into trouble on any aspect of this long-term project, she tells The Manager, "Need clippers." Again, she's so quiet and calm during this activity, The Manager doesn't discourage it.

*K.Lo, as previously noted, loves to note of her co-worker, "He's smiling!" but The Manager would like to add for posterity the specific way she says it: "He's smow-ween!" with complete happiness and amusement in her own voice. The Manager could listen to that sort of water cooler talk all day long.

*A bold new incentive was instituted last week with the intention of increasing productivity on the Night Shift, and all Afternoon Breaks for the two-year employee were cut. While the first few days of this transition were rough, overall the employee has responded well to the new program, and the change will remain in place long-term. While K.Lo typically devolves into a Stage Two meltdown late into the Day Shift (and The Manager sometimes feels inspired to follow suit), the Managerial Staff notices little difference between these meltdowns and the meltdowns she had prior to the change. Occasionally, the employee will take it upon herself to clock out for Afternoon Break, and it is The Manager's policy to overlook these voluntary rest periods. Without enforced Afternoon Breaks, though, K.Lo has for the most part been clocking onto the Night Shift earlier and with less resistance. The Managerial Staff is pleased with the outcome, and hopes to heaven it will stick.

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  1. Andria says:

    wow, bold move! I sure hope it works out well -- sounds like it is yielding the positive results needed. I don't know what I'd do without the Afternoon Break on the weekends. whew!