Sitting in his coworker's shadow

Most employees would say, "TGIFriday!" but not N.Lo. Today, N.Lo is a disgruntled employee. Today, he has begun to realize his limits regarding employee mobility.

He watches his coworker from his work station and daydreams: One day, if he works hard enough, he will be promoted to standing, walking, and finally running employee. Until then, he is stuck in the same old daily grind. Sitting. Sitting wherever he assigned by Management, limited to the projects and office supplies set before him.

N.Lo has filed his complaint to the higher-ups, expressing his current dissatisfaction with his position in the company. Small employees have big dreams, and The Manager has taken N.Lo's career goals under advisement. Together, Management and employee will work together and devise a plan to put N.Lo on the Fast Track for reaching those goals.

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  1. JanMary says:

    Can't think of anything witty to say - but you made me chuckle - Thanks :)