Meditation in the Workplace

Step 1: Advise Groundskeeping to fill up the Pool for Small Employees.

Step 2: Dress employees in their swim uniforms, cover them up with suns-cream. Grab towels, drinks, managerial training manuals. Head out to the Grounds.

Step 3: Help employees into the PSE. Pull up a chair, plant your feet in the water.
Step 4: Alternately supervise employees and read training manuals. Watch the employees watch the water. How they can just sit, stand or float there, mesmerized. Kick around a little in the water yourself. Remember how fascinating water was, early on in your career. Lose yourself in some daydreams.
Step 5: Over the course of this Fiscal Quarter, repeat Steps 1 through 4 often, and never skip a step.

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1 peanuts:
  1. water is still just as fascinating to me!

    how you can only put your feet in... and not float there in the way of it all... mmmm. love it. i guess the kids would get in theway but still.