Progress Report

FROM: The Manager
RE: Your Employees

Your employees:

-were positively, almost frighteningly angelic at a recent company excursion to Costco. They sat next to each other in the cart without fidgeting or fussing the entire trip. K.Lo kept her arm around N.Lo, gave him the occasional kiss on the head, and informed fellow shoppers, "This is N.Lo. He's cute." I seem to have lost the contact information for the Employee Rental Shop where I found these two model employees, but if I manage to locate it, I'll be sure to place another order soon.
-could possibly use more baths.

-refers to running errands as "running the Karens."
-remains on the "Assistant to The Manager" track by keeping her coworker in office supplies. She selects a toy, brings it to N.Lo, says "Here, N.Lo," and continues her own project, barely breaking stride.
-has become highly motivated in training sessions to learn everything she possibly can about the business. She now asks, "What's that," or "Who's that," followed by, "Oh," or "Okay!" when given an explanation.
-refers to Bailey by her nickname, "Bail," and also attempts to whistle when summoning the Canine Staff. She says, in a high-pitched voice, "Hoo hoo!"
-calls N.Lo sometimes by one of his own nicknames, "Nicolai."
-mashed a blueberry in her hair this morning, accidentally, though it was several minutes before The Manager noticed.

-likes to inspect office supplies thoroughly, and figures them out remarkably fast.
-enjoys office supplies provided by the Kitchen Staff, such as plastic bowls and measuring cups.
-as an employee can be very serious, as well as very quiet.
-has a favorite joke, however, which is when The Manager asks him if he can say "Ma-Ma." Makes him laugh every time.
-has begun to say "Da-Da," though not yet directly to the CEO.
-is working on his two top teeth.
-is being pushed out of the New Hire's Nest, more quickly than The Manager had planned, by K.Lo, who shares her food in the cafeteria when the Kitchen Staff isn't looking. She puts blueberries on his tray, and he (apparently) handles them just fine.
-has also tried small bites of cracker, cheese, and strawberry.
-rarely sits still anymore when training with The Manager, but often amuses himself by blowing loud raspberries on The Manager's leg.
-had maple syrup in his hair for two days as a result of the aforementioned Costco trip and a sample pancake given to K.Lo.

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4 peanuts:
  1. Megan says:

    I love progress reports!

    N.Lo is so big and grown up for 8 months! I think I have determined that I don't want Ashley to get older. Ever.

  1. Kurt says:

    I'm not sure about K. Lo as The Assistant to the Manager - her blueberry handling skills could be better.

  1. Angelic children, can'tcha just die and go to heaven?

  1. erin j says:

    I think that Costco holds some sort of euphoria for the kids. Grace slept the last time and Elijah obsessed about the bikes there (maybe Santa will bring him one this year...) but overall, never have trouble with the kids there... maybe Costco somehow transplants our kids with look-a-likes upon entering while we are busy trying to find/put away the card...hmmmmm....