As previously noted, we've been having problems on the Night Shift. Again. Likely, this backslide is due K.Lo's intense work on the Twoville Molar Project; however, the problem source is really moot, since we've been through this song and dance before.

This work week, though, we're trying a new trick, as suggested by the Regional Manager. It's called "The Company Doctor Trick," recommended for two-year-employees. Before clocking into the Night Shift, The Manager informs the employee in a Very Serious Voice that the Company Doctor called earlier and spoke with Management. He told Management that K.Lo has to work all night at her desk. If her work is interrupted for whatever reason, she needs to hug her Work Buddy Doll and go back to work.

K.Lo may have been with the company long enough for this trick to work: I could see the wheels turning while I gave her the rundown. And--maybe it was a fluke, but she really did stay working on the Night Shift straight through, her first uninterrupted shift in a week.

Either way, it just makes me laugh.

This trick can be adapted to address other big workplace issues with two-year employees. Try it out! And please share your story in the comments. The Company Doctor, even in theory, can strongly influence small employees.

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3 peanuts:
  1. Kurt says:

    Also effective: leaving a carefully timed message on your own voicemail in a doctory voice, then later pretending to call the doctor (but really calling your message) and having a conversation with the message. Very realistic! Practice first!

  1. egad!
    that's awesome.

    i also love kurt's suggestion. please implement and record results.

  1. Andria says:

    Impressive! Would also love to hear results if you decide to implement Kurt's approach.