TO: N.Lo

FROM: The Manager

RE: Your Mean Manager

I regret to inform you that the following intrigues are off-limits:

  1. The Canine Staff water bowl.
  2. Giant Canine Staff fur-balls on the floor.
  3. The serrated scraping tool used to groom the Canine Staff.
  4. Dirty glass jars from the recycle bin. (Or clean glass jars anywhere, for that matter.)
  5. Assorted trash.
  6. K.Lo’s *used* Pull-Up.
  7. Bowl full of orange peels.
  8. Puzzle pieces and Memory game cards.
  9. Phone books.
  10. The CEO’s new video game magazine.

Rest assured, N.Lo, there are many, many other interesting supplies in the office that you are allowed to get your little hands on. So buck up, little camper. Your Manager, however mean, even lets you eat dirt!

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3 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    used?! ew.

    We have the same battle with the canine staff's water bowl. And whatever is on the floor goes straight to the mouth. CONSTANT VIGILANCE.

  1. penelope says:

    He was on a mission for the used, but luckily didn't go there. :)

    What IS it about the water bowl???

  1. Kurt says:

    I strongly disagree with the prohibition on phone books.