TO: K.Lo

FROM: The Manager

RE: Pronunciation

Please be advised that you should continue to pronounce the following just as you have been for as long as possible. Mainly because it is adorable.

holey-ope [hula hoop]

bunkeys [monkeys]

yeah [yes—I know, I know she should say “yes” to be polite, but we’ve been polite for months now, and devolving into the casual form is fun to my ears]

stunk in the window [as in, “the fly is stuck on the window”]

And speaking of “stink,” the suggestion that Bender (who was having some stomach *issues* recently) needs a Pull-Up? Fantastic. 

K.Lo, you truly make the day better around here.


Your Manager

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2 peanuts:
  1. I still ask the family who wants a swannwich (sandwich), what happened to your thinger (finger), and other great pronunciations!

  1. Andria says:

    It's great when companies have their own internal lingo; especially when it carries over for years and years. fun.