• Yesterday, conquered the stairs. We only have 3, and they are brick, so we have to be especially careful from now on, but he’s made it to the top! Cue Rocky theme.
  • Laughs a lot, yes, but I should mention that it’s a mad-scientist laugh. Full-on cackling, really. He entertains himself.
  • Is just starting to figure out the sippy cup, sort of. Not really. Bangs it around a lot and juice drips everywhere.
  • Pilfered crayons from the pile the other day and haphazardly marked up the coloring book, mimicking his coworker. Quite cute.
  • Thrilled that he knows the word “book,” says it every time he sees one and smiles big.
  • When reaching top crawling speeds, sways head from side to side, as though it will propel him forward faster. Like he’s on a mission.
  • Is one-on-one training with coworker to say certain words, such as “keys.” Can you say keys? Keys. Keys. That’s right, very good! (He doesn’t actually say it, just looks at K.Lo with a deeply puzzled expression, but the lesson itself is fun to witness.)

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4 peanuts:
  1. almost anonymous says:

    At least his coworker is starting with easy words. According to my parents, I tried to get my little brother to say counter top...

  1. penelope says:

    That's funny, because I was the one trying to get him to say, "macaroni." :)

  1. Kurt says:

    Cue Rocky theme, indeed.

  1. Megan says:

    Pilfering crayons makes me laugh, and then imitating K.Lo by 'coloring' is just too cute/sweet. Awwww!