• WizardReceived some dress-up costumes in the mail last week, but refuses to be photographed while wearing them. In lieu, you get the Wizard of Lo.Co.
  • Wigged out, big time, before Preschool, Day 2, this morning. She was excited in theory, until she realized that we were really going. Then she turned white, her lip trembled, her eyes got big. It was enough to make any Manager slip a little something into the morning coffee, just to get through. I didn’t have to drag her kicking and screaming to the car or into the building, which surprised me. But then came the big hissy-fit. N.Lo and I practically bolted out of there, so as to not prolong the agony.
  • When we picked her up, she looked a little upset, but then ran up to us saying, “HI, MANAGER!” And went on and on and on about all the cool things she did that day, including touching a turtle and a snake, and seeing an alligator. And learning about the triceratops. And eating lunch. She apparently ate one tiny corner of her sandwich, because she was told that her Manager would come after lunch, and then after the playground—so if you’re done eating your sandwich sooner, Manager will come sooner, right? Smart employee.
  • Now says, intermittently, “Preschool! Managers always come back.” Like she’s reassuring herself that she won’t be permanently transferred to a new office.
  • When asked to do something, says, “Just a second!” before getting to the requested action. I have no idea where she picked that up.
  • Eats dinner with her coworker a little earlier these days, a schedule adjustment that evolved from an Un-Happy Hour Prevention Effort.
  • Says about her coworker, “I love him.”
  • Says to The Manager, “You’re a good girl. I love your hair. It’s so beautiful!”
  • Sees the CEO as her sun and her moon.

Stairs N.Lo

  • Loves to crawl around in that pile of pillows.
  • Fell down those stairs last week for the first time. (You know there will be more.)
  • Is currently teething. Will Tooth #8 appear soon?
  • Doesn’t officially say any words, other than “book,” “Mama,” and “Dada,” but sometimes I swear he does say things. Like “Thank you,” when I put food on his tray. And, “I love you,” when the CEO leaves for his Other Job. It’s true! Okay, maybe not, but the sounds and intonation come out just right for the situation, sometimes.
  • Is very steady on his feet when leaning against the table. But doesn’t like to be held up to pretend-walk, just yet. He worms his hands from yours and crawls away to his destination.
  • Will still be drinking from a bottle when he’s 12, possibly.
  • Still sucks those two middle fingers at night. And occasionally now during diaper changes, to calm himself.
  • Looks up to his coworker, always intent on her current projects.
  • But, will not be shuffled off into a corner. He speaks up at meetings when he has something to say.

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5 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    I"m jealous of your office wizard.

    I'm hoping the excitement lingers and she's catching on. Reassuring herself that "managers always come back" is just too precious. Bless her little heart!

    #8?! whew!

    He looks like such a Big Boy!!

    Great update.

  1. Megan says:

    I agree, great update, and I too love the Office Wizard. That's awesome.

    K.Lo telling you that you're a good girl is so funny!

  1. Kurt says:

    A riveting update. I've seen the self-reassuring may times before. It tells you everything will be okay. Just don't be late!

  1. Pamela says:

    You are so funny! I could read your stories all day everyday for 50 years or until my optic nerve self combusts.

  1. almost anonymous says:

    Now that blogs are finally not eating my comments...

    Wish we had an office wizard.

    And now you both have pretty pretty hair :)