• BathSometimes says about her coworker, “He’s so chewy,” for “He’s so cute.” Which I love.
  • Is fully responsible for her own washing in the tub. She insists.
  • Yesterday, The Manager overhauled K.Lo’s wardrobe, bringing out a few boxes of uniforms for winter. It might have been Christmas for all of K.Lo’s exclamations: “Oh! Thank you, Mommy! Thank you so much! I love them. This is so pretty. I like this one. It’s gorgeous.”
  • Has started using “because” a lot in sentences, but doesn’t quite have the hang of it yet, as in, “I need my juice, because… I need my juice.” Exactly.
  • Inspired by another local company, K.Lo is partaking in an updated Incentive Program for use of the Employee Rest Room: 1 M&M per pee. Or a jelly-band (jelly-bean), if she so chooses.
  • Sends Bender outside for annoying behavior, such as tripping up The Manager with her constant habit of being und erfoot. You go, K.Lo.
  • Serves as The Manager’s second-in-command sometimes in the cafeteria for N.Lo. When I recently placed a small bowl of grapes in front of N.Lo, K.Lo very pointedly moved the bowl to the side, out of his reach, and pulled out a few grapes for him, placing them on the table. Because clearly this arrangement would be easier for him to maneuver. And it’s true!
  • Has finally noticed the child-latch on the snack cabinet is broken, but so far, hasn’t abused the privilege. She helps herself, but waits for permission, and doesn’t (as I imagined) pilfer chocolate from dawn till dusk. Impressive.
  • Insisted that a box of 2-liter Coke bottles were actually “Wine, for Daddy.”
  • After having her nails painted recently, said, “I look like a lady.” Yes, you do!

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3 peanuts:
  1. ~sarah says:

    i wish i got an M&M every time i used the employee restroom! : )

  1. Andria says:

    I think she has the hang of 'because' all too well, actually. ;) Her version of 'because I said so' she doesn't hear that expression much, does she?