Since his Date of Hire Anniversary, a mere 4 days ago, N.Lo has demonstrated markedly different work habits. So much so that it’s like we’ve got a whole new employee on our hands.

Some notes for N.Lo’s file:

  • Will now, finally, drink from a sippy cup. Granted, there is only one sippy cup in our vast and varied collection that he will drink from without creating a holy mess, but as advised by our Company Doctor, sippy cup drinkage means no more bottles. Ever. Which, incidentally, the Housekeeping Staff couldn’t be more pleased about. The staff claims they were not only a nuisance to clean, but they took up quite a bit of space, and couldn’t wait to get those suckers out of there.
  • Now sits at the cafeteria table with the rest of the cool kids. After staging a weeklong revolt while sitting in his high chair, it occurred to The Manager that he might be ready for the booster seat. Which meant K.Lo would have to give up her spot—and she did, without mention or complaint. Very unlike K.Lo not to at least talk about it all week along. I think she smiled once, the first time she noticed N.Lo was now at the table with her. The Housekeeping Staff is also eternally grateful that the high chair is now out of the picture, citing similar grievances as the bottles, relating to clean-up. (Management is beginning to wonder if the HS is lazy?)
  • Is quite a trip. Now that he’s in the thick of the action at the kitchen table, N.Lo is a key player in conversation and joking amongst the staff.
  • Since yesterday: Has realized that he can stand unsupported for several seconds at a time. When he’s in the mood for it, he likes to show off this new skill. Will still not be bothered with holding anyone’s hands to practice-walk.
  • Has emerged over the past few months, since that first fateful reprimand, as a Pleaser. Further analysis of this Employee Type to come, but I well know that one of my employees was born a Button-Pusher, and I find the Pleaser type, the one who seems more interested in abiding by The Manager’s rules rather than subverting authority, both novel and fascinating. And a tiny bit astonishing. While we value compliance at The Lo.Co., I do wonder if N.Lo will have to attend a few workshops on Questioning Authority, further along into his career. For balance’s sake.
  • Is suddenly more expressive. Still thinks the Can you say *blank?* question is the funniest joke ever, and rarely attempts to say the word. But reacts with sounds such as “Ohhh,” for interesting things newly discovered, and “Mmmm,” with an air of deep satisfaction when it’s food he likes.
  • And speaking of food, he’s getting picky. I figured it would happen sooner or later—surely nutritious fare wouldn’t appeal forever. In fact, Management discovered N.Lo in his cubicle recently, poring over the early works of his predecessor on The Squish Test. No food, even if a prior favorite, escapes reexamination by our new Quality Control expert. Occasionally, he will still try the foods that fail the all-important test, but much more often those items are tossed to the Canine Staff.



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