My bosses can be completely charming, making for a rewarding work environment, and giving me the will to continue in this career.

The Boss Man recently began taking a few steps on his own, which will make him simultaneously lower and higher maintenance in the workplace, but he’s just so darn proud of himself, and it makes me smile.

N.Lo also says a lot of “b” words, which frankly sound very similar, but when used in the correct context, I give him credit: Book, bath, ball, bag, etc. He also can say “hot,” and when he laughs, it often comes out as, “HA!” Like the actual word spelled out.

The Boss Lady says cute things that I want to record and use forever. For instance, we took a company excursion the other day to Old Time Pottery, briefing the Boss Lady in the car about our destination. When we arrived and asked her where we were, K.Lo promptly replied, “Harry Pottery.”

Also, she does things like pull a winter hat down all the way over her face and walk around like Frankenstein, grasping around for “Mama” and declaring, “I’m a puppet!”

Sometimes, working here isn’t all that bad.

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2 peanuts:
  1. I know - these moments make a difference to all the rest ... yes.

    I hope when the boys ae in their teens theyc an read by blog and recall some of the moments I document ... now that would be cool - cheers le

  1. Megan says:

    Harry Pottery is definitely a place I want to go! That's awesome.

    Boss Man and Boss Lady crack. me. up.