My boss has major mood swings. After more than two and a half years of working with her, I have some ability to predict how she’ll react to company briefings—but she’s largely erratic. 

She woke up from a nap in a cranky, scary mood, as usual, and my Spidey senses told me she was probably hungry. So I offered to prepare a hot dog. And in the meantime, as a special treat, I offered a sampling of the Magic Cookie Bars (MCB) I worked so hard on earlier in the afternoon. I thought for sure it would be something she (anyone?) would love. Instead, the MCB offer was met with pure anger. Shouting. A full-on chewing-out.

A little later, after the hot dog and a handful of snap peas, the boss requested an MCB, please. And ate it all up with the most charming and grateful smile.

Volatile conditions such as these, day after day, are tough to handle, but I suppose it’s all part of the job. 

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2 peanuts:
  1. Pamela says:

    Ever think about switching jobs? Your posts are totally brilliant.

  1. story of my life ... so today you don't like banana on your rice cake ... oh ok, you do like sliced banana on the rice cake, but not mashed banana on the rice cake .... right .... pllleaaasee !!