Stuffing Today, one of my bosses chewed me out because a box of cornbread stuffing with a corn on the cob picture on it did not actually contain corn on the cob. Try as I might to explain the unfair but true nature of this situation, Management railed and stamped it feet until I rustled up some corn.

A word to the wise. Do not attempt to place this in front of your boss:


It will not fly. Demotions will be threatened. Rants will continue for several long, torturous minutes.

And don’t even try to salvage your shoddy performance by offering the bowl of not-on-the-cob corn to the other boss, because he won’t like it, either.


Better luck next time?

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  1. I thought of you today as I gave FB a tee to wear ... it said ... someday I'll be your boss

    hee hee le