This morning, the new head of our IT Department, with its twitchy, inept little hands, managed to wipe out the entire operating system on my computer. I tried to tell him to quit messing with my machine, but he insisted he knew what he was doing and continued to “fix” it. My computer, which is essentially my lifeline here at the office, fully crashed.

The damage took me more than four hours to repair, with unflagging assistance from my coworker. My boss was patient and sweet during this tense recovery period, asking me at one point in a very small voice, “Do you feel better, Mommy?” Meanwhile, the IT staff, in its typical fashion, was absolved of this disaster and went off to take a nap.

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3 peanuts:
  1. Jami says:

    Better luck is bound to come to the Lo.Co. Stand-offs over corn-on-the-cob (or lack there of), computer crashes, transient alopecia; it's gotta turn around for you soon! :-)

  1. penelope says:

    One can only hope!

    I like the phrase "transient alopecia," it's pretty fantastic. :)

  1. bugger ! what a drama .... we solved this a wee bit by giving the kids the 15 year old lap brick ... I kid you not - a relic from the ark I was using as a door jam thingo - now FB can play pinball till his little fingers droop - or 20 mins whatever comes first :) le