This week, the cafeteria served up its usual fare of healthy vegetables, dairy products, and way too many noodles. What did N.Lo choose to eat? Some, but not much, of what was put in front of him at the table. Rumors have been circulating amongst the staff about the real source of N.Lo’s recent daily nutrition. He’s eaten:

crayons (still—the boy will not be stopped)


Eukanuba dog food (with a BIG smile on his face)


the mail

whatever’s on K.Lo’s plate

N.Lo’s lack of flavor discernment has clearly evolved into an affinity for art supplies, paper products, and food belonging to other staff members, regardless of whether those staff are human. Management has chosen mainly to overlook this *phase,* striving mainly to keep the kid from eating anything alive or poison, and hopes he’ll eventually make his way back around again to the good stuff. The palatable stuff. Because dog food and paper—ew.

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  1. Megan says:

    Oh no. Now I'm also seeing the drawback of N.Lo being such a good eater, an eater of almost anything... sort of makes you long for the picky eaters, doesn't it?

    I'm pretty sure I ate dog food when I was much older than N.Lo and have survived to tell the tale. Might have barked for a brief while, but I got past it. :)

  1. Akira says:

    Can somebody also eat pet food & paper, it's all surprising.

  1. FamilyEscapee says:

    Just wait till we visit next and feed him lemons again >:)