I have to give K.Lo props. After days and weeks and months of drilling certain pleasantries into the head of K.Lo, it seems that polite phrasing is finally beginning to stick. Without prompting, she will now say, “I’d like some xyz, please.” Or even, “May I have xyz, please?” in a nice, normal voice. It is pure music to The Manager’s ears. She also automatically says, “Excuse me,” after a burp. And almost always, “Thank you,” when given something.

Of course, K.Lo must also be picking up on just how irresistible her ladylike behavior is, as she will use it say such things as, “May I have a piece of chocolate, please? Pleeeease?” in the sweetest of voices, after a dinner in which she barely ate a thing. She smiles very big and charmingly. Gives me a hug. And sometimes, I would swear she bats her eyes.

It’s well-played, K.Lo. Very crafty, indeed.

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