Bug From the desk of K.Lo:

About an empty juice bottle she wished to put in the recycle bucket: “Can I put that in the motorcycles?”

Invariable answer to the question, What did you learn about in preschool today?: “APPLESAUCE!” (Snacktime? Song? Game? I haven’t solved this mystery yet.)

Helping out the CEO when he mentioned going to get his glasses: “I’ll get your glasses! Wait right here, I’ll be right back. [Runs down the hall to living room, where I’m sitting] Have you seen Daddy’s glasses?”

And, in the most innocent of voices: “Mommy, did you find your damn keys?”

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8 peanuts:
  1. Megan says:

    Yes, Mommy, do tell us: Did you find your damn keys?

    Love the pic of K.Lo. She looks just like her Manager!

  1. Andria says:

    This post made me laugh out loud. Then, I had to read it out loud to Greg & Dellaina because they both wanted to know what was so funny. I heart K.Lo.

  1. Pam says:

    Too funny! Is she also using the "F" in proper context? She's beautiful.

  1. Debbie says:

    Don't you just love it when they learn our vocabulary?

  1. ~sarah says:

    ha ha! kids say the damnedest things, don't they? : )

  1. Jami says:

    It's not just your employess that use such phrases. My oldest employee demanded "Eat your noodles damn it, they're delicious!" with her hands on her hip to my soon-to-be-CEO on their first meeting! Priceless!!!

    BTW, she's the cutest little thing...she looks so innocent, I'm convinced that you make this stuff up.

  1. erinj says:

    applesauce -- maybe criss cross applesauce? p.c. way of saying sit indain style (insert damnit if you so choose...hehehehehe!)