From the desk of… N.Lo?!

I swear I have heard him say the following:

While pointing very deliberately to an item, usually something he wants to eat: “I want that.”

Also: “I like that.”

While wriggling out of your arms: “Down!”

When handed something—again, usually in the cafeteria: “Thank you.”

Randomly: “Starbucks.”

Also: “Hot dog!”

Pointing to the bag of oranges: “OR-an.” (I didn’t prompt him on that one, either—shocked me.)


He doesn’t generally babble a whole lot, and rarely speaks on command. But most of these phrases have been uttered on more than one occasion, so I’m fairly certain they’re for real? Regardless, I’m noticing quite a trend in much of this new vocabulary: food!

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1 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    love these updates.
    impressive vocab, Go N.Lo!