• N.Lo can say, very enthusiastically, “Football!” The CEO highly approves.
  • We’re missing approximately 20 Dora Dominoes. How it is possible to lose so many dominoes in one fell swoop boggles the mind?
  • As part of her hands-on training program, K.Lo discovered how to break a toilet last week with wads and wads and wads of toilet paper. After witnessing the repair effort by the Housekeeping Staff, she is now super-conscious/concerned about using too much and will pull Management into the Employee Rest Room when in need of a judgment call.
  • Other things I swear I have heard N.Lo say: “That’s mine” and “water.”
  • He responds to some questions with “yeah” and/or nods his heads, such as “Was that a fun party?” or “Did you have a good nap?”
  • K.Lo lined up her princesses the other day, single file, and informed me they were “Going outside.” They have this same procedure at preschool. Love it.

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4 peanuts:
  1. CGDK says:

    how sweet -I thought snow white had got herself some new girlie dwarves!

  1. Jami says:

    Odd! We have these very same princesses and they line themselves up the very same way...coincidence I think not! We should call the toy company...I think they may be possessed!

  1. penelope says:

    Too funny! It must be the dollar store's doing. :) There's all sorts of magic there!