• For select art projects, particularly those created at The Outsourcer, the Manager has procured a designated filing box. The filing box will be given to the employee upon transfer from our company, i.e. 15+ years from now. The Manager is big on nifty storage.
  • Toys will no longer be stored overnight in the Conference Room. A limited toy selection will be allowed each work day for use in the Conference Room, i.e. the Weebles, or the racecars, or the puzzles. Each night they will be returned to each employee’s respective cubicle. The Manager is also big on reducing clutter, not to mention equal use of all office supplies.

Rumor Mill

  • Whispers have been recently heard throughout the company: Does our newest hire really know how to walk, but doesn’t want the rest of the staff to know? We’ve only seen him take a few steps here and there in the past several months, mostly he crawls. And because he prefers not to have his hands touched/manipulated, our training on this particular skill can only go so far. We’re fine with the not-walking, as Management’s job will only become more challenging when he is fully mobile. However, it is interesting that while the rest of us were preoccupied with various activities this evening, the CEO noticed out of the corner of his eye the following incident. N.Lo tossed a book a few feet away, hopped down from his stool, walked right over, bent down, picked up the book, stood up, and walked back over to the stool. !!! Also interesting that the employee strongly prefers to be picked up and carried places quite often throughout the workday, loudly voicing his dissatisfaction if the request is denied. Which leads Management to ponder whether the job actually will be more challenging, or not, when he does decide to walk. Silent Killer, indeed.

Attention Required

  • As previously noted, N.Lo protests (as he should) when tormented by his coworker. However, it is is coming to Management’s attention that his own actions will need to be curbed soon enough. On more than one recent occasion, N.Lo has been spotted physically pulling K.Lo from the spot he wishes to be and pushing her to the side. (Pretty big moves for someone who allegedly can’t walk!) Such as out of a chair, of from her perch on a stool. K.Lo, stunned so far, has just let it happen. While Management wishes each employee to be able to defend him or herself, and/or to pursue his/her goals, we also do not wish to see any unnecessary physical conflicts and escalations arise as the employees continue to grow. Scheduled workshops in Conflict Resolution will be forthcoming.

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3 peanuts:
  1. erin j says:

    on the art projects: you probably know this, but i thought it was a cool idea... apparently on oprah, they did a show on de-cluttering and kid's art was one of the bigger clutters. they suggested pohotgraphing each art project and then using snapfish or the like creating a book of all the artwork pics.
    Also my cousin's outsourcer takes the kid's drawings and whatnot and uses them as a fund raiser by scanning them into a system that then trasfers them onto christmas ornaments, mugs, tshirts, etc. it's really cool.
    we've already discussed the second children being very sneaky...hmmmm...
    n-lo is ballsy if nothing else. pulling k-lo out of a chair is...wow... praciting for future sports??

  1. Jami says:

    So K-Lo supposedly can't walk? Is that like my #2 supposedly can't hold her own bottle? Hmmm...seems as though these subsequent offspring have defects not seen in the original prototypes. Yours is an older version than mine, if you discover a patch of some sort let me know!!! LMAO