• Became outraged, truly upset, when The Manager moved around some company pictures, post-Christmas. “Don’t move K.Lo! Don’t wipe off N.Lo! Leave it there!” Proceeded to have long weeping fit until she absorbed the fact that they were staying in the same room, just on a different shelf. I believe this means she enjoys the pictures.
  • Noticed a nasty yard tennis ball brought in by one of the Canine Staff (*cough* Bender), and exclaimed, “UGH! A tennis ball! What’s that doing in here?!” Then proceeded to open the back door and throw it out. I have no idea where she picked up this series of behaviors, really.
  • Also told Bender in an incredulous tone of voice, “Bender! You have to move! I have to go potty!”
  • May, and I very much emphasize that word so as not to jinx anything, be fully (day) trained with use of the Employee Rest Room. All of a sudden it seems like it’s no big deal for her, like all that training suddenly clicked. Only took a year. Plus.
  • Cheered at the mention of preschool this morning, and after an obligatory hug for The Manager, ran off to see her teachers and friends. 

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  1. Andria says:

    Change can be hard to embrace at such a tender age. I'm still the same way.

    Interactions with the Canine Staff can be quite revealing (and embarrassing to hear repeated back to you, eh?)

    Yea! Three Cheers for Employee Rest Room and cheering for school!