• dandelionWhenever the CEO grills dinner , K.Lo is very insistent on “helping,” which means going outside, too. Her main project while outside is collecting small landscaping rocks and dandelions, which she brings every handful of inside and presents to The Manager. It’s an excellent buttering-up technique.
  • She likes to pick the wallpaper off the wall in The Manager’s office. The wallpaper is coming down sometime in the coming months and the office will be painted, so might as well let her go for it. Keeps her quiet.
  • Has expanded Mamma Mia! repertoire to include most of the songs on the soundtrack. I like hearing her own version of the lyrics: “Mamma Mia, here I go again, something something, something my SISTER!”
  • Will say something silly to the CEO, and then say, “I’m just TEASING you.”

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