Remember, when it comes to N.Lo:

  • Keep the boy well-fed, even if it means paying the Kitchen Staff overtime.
  • Certain skill sets won’t be lacking forever: Eventually, he will walk. Eventually, he will hold the sippy cup on his own—and in fact he is, today!
  • Crying, in 99% of cases, means one of just five things: hungry, thirsty, tired, needs/is having to undergo diaper change, coworker tormenting me. Remember there’s only 5 options, try to figure out and address.
  • Singing or turning on some music makes him smile.
  • He likes his toys.
  • Likes to play in the water, even if he won’t sit in the bath. Keep your eye out for illicit activity involving the dog water and/or toilet bowls.
  • And sweets, for a treat, just as much as his coworker
  • He understands “no.” Most of the time.
  • Will help you put things away: toys, dropped things, anything. Seems to like it!
  • Can give a mean high five.
  • Is, as K.Lo says, a very cutie boy.
  • Holding N.Lo, especially after Morning/Afternoon Breaks, can warm you up, not to mention better your mood, in a jiff.

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