• Has been deemed by the CEO as the Silent Killer. As in, he’s so quiet and good right now, watch out for him when he’s a teenager.
  • He can be quite sneaky, especially when it comes to food. Everything tastes better on his coworker’s plate. Or else he finishes his, and then finishes hers. He knows to wait until she’s not looking and then swipe! If you watch him, you’ll see his smile of satisfaction when she fails to notice the theft.
  • Is just now getting over the World’s Longest Cold, which swept through our entire company over the holidays. A tablespoon full of honey did help at night with the cough.
  • Has what seem to be h u g e molars for such a little mouth.
  • Bit his coworker twice yesterday, once on the finger, once on the arm. Only does this when he’s teething, but still receives a serious reprimand.
  • Likes to have his teeth brushed, thinks it’s funny. For now.
  • Is becoming a bit of a Daddy’s Boy, always vying for his attention and wanting to be held. Obviously just a phase.

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