From the desk of N.Lo


“Dellaina!” (But not N.Lo or K.Lo yet, hmmm.)

“Ba-ball!” (Basketball.)


“Open it.”

“Pick me up.” I’m sure he really said it!


From the desk of K.Lo

“I’m sick. of. it!” Can’t imagine where she got that…

About her coworker: “He’s a funny little man-boy. I think he’s so funny.”

Outside the Outsourcer, on the pavement: “That is the number 9. And that is the number 2.” Indeed!

To her coworker, patting him on the back: “You walking, buddy? Good job! I’m so very proud of you!”

“I smell gorgeous!”

Referring to many office supplies: “We need to put this up high, so N.Lo can’t get it.”

When we play the MarioKart Wii, and I inevitably lose the race: “Awww…wha wha wha, Mommy’s sad. She’s crying.”

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  1. Andria says:

    Aww! Dellaina just giggled when I told her this latest report.

    K.Lo is so sweet and smart!