You decide. I did trim quite a bit of hair from that cute little head, but other than a slight Dennis the Menace vibe on the top right side, it doesn’t look too different in pictures. In person, though, I promise that the back is much less scruffy than it was, and I eliminated some extra long pieces in there leftover from past equally unskilled trims.

Here was the hair on Saturday:


Post-cut this morning, after a nice wash and dry last night: 

P1020619 P1020620 P1020621

Of course, do I have a comparison photo of the back, specifically? I do not.

N.Lo did show off his new ‘do this morning to the CEO, pulling at his hair and chattering on all about it. He also presses his hands over his shirt as if to say, “Look at me, I’m wearing… stripes!” and tries on the Manager’s shoes, tripping through the house in flats. I have no idea where he might have learned such behavior; he clearly doesn’t look up to his coworker one bit! 

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