Today at the office, we had what could definitely qualify as a Case of the Mondays. At least one member of our staff has been ill since around Christmas, up through February, but for the past week, everyone had been well. The moment the thought occurred to me was the moment the magic spell broke. K.Lo was up in the early hours of the morning with a fever and claims that her mouth hurt, which I believe means her throat. She did sound a little raspy. I’m also concerned about her ears, as they still contained some fluid from January’s ear infection, discovered over a week later at her 3-year well check. Hooray. With the help of some Tylenol, she fared mostly fine today; although, unless I see a big turnaround tomorrow morning, I will likely keep her home from the Outsourcer. Preemptive Managerial Guilt from the last time I dropped her off with the aforementioned ear infection and she had a miserable day, ending with her asleep by the time I picked her up.

Over at N.Lo’s desk, the employee was on-and-off grouchy today for no apparent reason, until I confirmed that indeed, he is cutting all four canine teeth simultaneously.

Fun times! Let’s hope it’s just the Mondays, and Tuesday proves to be a more productive, positive workday.

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4 peanuts:
  1. blogger just ate my comment.
    i said, "wah, wah"...
    and then i said, this always makes me think of office space and a not so appropriate work space response so, wah, wah it is.

  1. Andria says:

    and I was going to be just as helpful and suggest that perhaps the wearing of pants would keep everyone properly clothed in these WINTER months and abate some of the sickness? hmmm? ;) you know I'm only giving you a hard time, because Megan has to keep pointing it out.

  1. penelope says:

    Sooooo helpful, ladies! ;)

    Yes, I thought about the pants. Or, should she take more baths? Or is it my stupid green cleaners kick--should I just go back to a full regime of bleach-filled projects, especially during cold and flu season?

    Or, it could just be preschool, and bad luck.

    Either way, "wah, wah" is entirely appropriate. The Lo.Co. is *so sad!*

  1. Megan says:

    Mondays are a total B, that's for sure!

    Listen, you're the one with children who are nudists and I feel it's my job to mock you for it. ;)