The fun continued here at The Lo.Co. this morning, with K.Lo still sick, and N.Lo still cutting teeth. I called in K.Lo’s absence to the Outsourcer, and just as I was explaining that we’d be going to see the Company Doctor, who would make her feel all better, she began wailing in misery that her mouth hurt. I should have known not to pick her up, should have shuttled her to the Employee Rest Room, but no, no, my protective Managerial instincts kicked in instead, and I swept her up into a big hug. My repayment: vomit all over my uniform. And K.Lo, and K.Lo’s hair, and the couch. And also the floor. Hooray. I’m not really sure how I convinced her that a bath would be a good idea, but I did, and at least got her cleaned off.

The Laundry Fairy is working overtime, currently, and is not super happy about it.

We made it to the Company Doctor, where the wait was shorter than I expected, i.e. under an hour. The employees surprised me by not playing at the numerous waiting room stations; they are usually big fans of the Thomas the Train table, as well as the pretend kitchen. Instead, they each climbed in a chair and looked around, perfectly content with observation. K.Lo was most accommodating with the Company Doctor, until the third time he cleaned out her ear in order to get a good look. The last go hurt, apparently, and her face sort of melted into a little puddle, and she wouldn’t talk to him for the rest of the visit. As soon as he left the room, however, she wanted to collect her sticker. Luckily, the nurses at the front desk met her wishes.

Prognosis: Fever. Well, I knew that, thankyouverymuch. She has a little bit of what looks like a viral rash on her arms and possibly legs, but her throat, nose, ears, and chest all checked out fine. So, if symptoms get worse, we go back in. Otherwise, we dose her with ibuprofen and suffer it out.

And also, pray that whatever “it” is, it is not contagious.

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  1. schu says:

    i hope you get thru this.

  1. :( Poor, poor folks. Poor K.Lo, poor you, poor N.Lo, poor CEO...wish we were there to help out--could at least turn ourselves into house elves to cook and clean for a bit and give you a break...must settle for digital hug.


    Copy and paste so everyone gets one...