• This picture just makes me laugh. I brought out the camera because his hair has been all curly and flyaway for the past two days, and I love it. But all the pictures came out blurry, and in this one, the expression is not exactly what I was going for.
  • He is getting a little moody, that one. Growing pains. Fast approaching Twoville.
  • He likes Alone Time in the morning. He wakes up and babbles and tosses stuffed animals from the crib, and sometimes ends up going back to sleep, so I just let him go and see what happens. Unless we are due to drop off K.Lo at the Outsourcer, in which case I have to wake him up/interrupt the Alone Time. He typically does not take this very well. I completely understand.
  • I worry about leaving him alone for too long, however, as yesterday he experienced his first-ever fall from the crib. It was a flip, actually, and I was unfortunately right there to witness it, but not soften the fall. If only I had the lightning quick reflexes of a superhero, and/or an additional set of arms.
  • He also fell down the set of three brick steps leading to our “downstairs” last week, and landed mostly on his ear, which bruised purple and red. This occurred during Un-Happy Hour, which is promptly before dinner. I went downstairs to change out the laundry, and he followed, all upset at being left with the CEO. Didn’t even look, stepped off, and toppled down the stairs. It could have been worse, but lately I’m paranoid about the more serious head injuries. I’ll be keeping him off the Canadian ski slopes.
  • We think he might have seasonal allergies, which are just a pain no matter what age you are. Thanks, pollen.
  • He repeats words overheard from K.Lo’s desk, words which K.Lo has only learned the true concept of recently, such as “shadow.” He also attempts to capture intonation, which is entertaining when the word is “No.” There are so many different ways to say that one.
  • Also mimics K.Lo when she “races,” which is a game she likes to play. We say, “1, 2, 3, set go!” and she runs from her place to maybe 5 or 10 feet ahead. He goes right along with her.
  • And he’s tired of the baby swing, mostly. However, doesn’t really have the full hang of the big swing yet… has to learn to keep his hands on the chains and not let go.
  • When thirsty, he likes to open the drawer where I recently moved all the sippy cups and hand me a cup and a lid. Sometimes they match. He says “drink” instead of “juice.”
  • He packs a purse of K.Lo’s with random toys and says, “Bye-bye.”
  • He loves shoes. Mine, his, doesn’t matter. I think he likes the sound on the floor as he tromps around.
  • He loves, loves being outside. Sometimes it is the only thing that calms him down. He especially loves playing the sandbox, which I sometimes wish was a sand table, to avoid the issue of sand all over the bed.
  • He is comparatively more distractible than his coworker, taking direction at times when he is fussy and I’d like him to go play rather than climbing all over me and whining. I’m mean, I know. So I suggest a project, and he sometimes takes me up on it, rather than persisting in his complaints.
  • He is learning to exert his will upon the world, or tries. If he wants to climb a chair that I’m sitting in, he will pull on my hand and grunt to try and get me to move. Also, I’m told that this past weekend, at the Regional Manager’s Office, he proceeded to push a certain coworker who didn’t want to go for a walk all the way down the driveway…

Who, me?


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3 peanuts:
  1. that is an awesome old man shot

  1. Tempe says:

    That solo pic of N-Lo is priceless.

  1. Megan says:

    The first pic makes me laugh out loud too! :)