Watching the coworker relationship unfold is at least as interesting as individual employee development.

  • They are starting to wrestle. Full-on, rolling around on the floor, tackling each other wrestling matches. So far it is all giggles and fun, and I think K.Lo is just more shocked, than anything, that N.Lo even tries to take her down. Management will continue to referee these matches to ensure employee safety, as well as observance of respectfulness in the workplace.
  • N.Lo mimics his coworker in both words and actions, as well as gibberish. He is an Equal Opportunity Emulator. My favorite scenes involve silly-shouting, which is a big stress reliever for the whole office. Until it gets too loud.
  • K.Lo also tolerates N.Lo giving her a little push, literally. Whether on the tricycle, at the top of the slide, or down the driveway on the way to a walk, N.Lo will stand behind K.Lo, place a hand on her back, and attempt to propel her forward. Exerting his will onto the world, as I suppose we all attempt to do…

It is hard to imagine one without the other, at this point in their careers!


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3 peanuts:
  1. tempe says:

    Pen - love the picture! It's great to hear about their interactions and playtime :)

  1. Megan says:

    I agree, that picture is great! K.Lo looks JUST LIKE YOU! N.Lo, however, looks like he's about to escape! :)

  1. Andria says:

    super cute and I have the same dynamics in our office as well. Wyatt has been exerting his will and bulldozing Dellaina for quite some time. . she's finally learned to wrestle him back a little now! And the mimicking is so adorable, most of the time. Highly amusing when he clearly doesn't even understand what he's doing or saying, but saw or heard his big sister doing it, so obviously it's the thing to do.