K.Lo has reached the imagination stage of her career, and I’ve wanted to capture all the little ideas she comes up with throughout the day, but it’s darn near impossible to keep up. Here, however, are a few brief highlights:

  • DSC_0049She has named this hand-crafted duck, which was given to her by the Company Inspector, Princess Yoda.
  • She lives and works in the world of the cartoon “Max & Ruby,” still. Typically, she approaches me and says, “Hi, Louise,” (Louise is Ruby’s best friend), to which I must reply, “Hi, Ruby,” or suffer the hairy-eyeballed consequences. Also, she often says, “Max!” in a very exasperated way if N.Lo is doing something of which she does not approve.
  • Speaking of lack of approval, she has a very fine imagination in thinking she can boss around Management. Most often, she becomes very annoyed in the Cafeteria or Conference Room when the Manager and CEO are having a conversation that does not include or involve employees. She shouts, “Stop it!” Another favorite admonition is when she shouts at me, “NO. The answer is YES,” in a very slow, deliberate way. I may have mentioned this behavior before. It matches well with other prematurely teenaged behaviors, such as slamming doors, extreme moodiness, and declarations of independence: “I want to go by mySELF.” All righty then.
  • The cow may have returned to the Night Shift. Performance continues to be spotty, and last night she awoke pointing and yelling, “It’s too weird! It’s too weird!” Management was too disoriented at the time to sort through this complaint, and simply invited her into bed.
  • She likes to play “shopping,” in which she asks me for a list of items, imaginary or real, that I’d like her to pick up at the store, or the farmer’s market, which she sometimes calls Wal-Market. She also asks for money, takes her wagon or backpack or other container, and leaves momentarily. It’s very charming.
  • She has figured out how to open the back gate, so I have placed a carabineer in the latch to hinder any escapes, and it frustrates her to no end. Sorry, dear! Unfortunately, you were hired by a company that values your safety.
  • The CEO has begun playing volleyball again on Friday nights, and we have attempted once during an early evening game to bring the employees to watch. However, they both clammed up, remaining fairly reticent for over an hour until I brought them home. So now, when the CEO gets ready for volleyball, K.Lo comments, “I’m not going to volleyball. I’m shy.”

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  1. awesome.
    hahaha princess yoda.