• P1030289This little employee is interested in doing and having everything the same as his senior coworker, and has mastered the sentence, “I want _____,” with whatever he happens to want inserted at the end of that sentence. Gummies, drink, hot dog. It’s usually a food-themed request.
  • He calls hot dogs “dot dogs.”
  • N.Lo is downright diligent about helping others. To the point of observer heartbreak. He goes above and beyond the usual item distribution typical of toddler employees, and really seems to pay attention to conversation to determine what his coworker or P1030290Management needs. As mentioned previously, he brings the CEO his glasses whenever a story is mentioned, and he listens to K.Lo’s desires regarding such-and-such snack or drink, bringing them to her even when they’re not allowed. He brings her empty milk cup to the sink, even if unasked, or she’s not around. (Imagine him approaching the cup, picking it up and shaking it a little to see if it’s empty, and when it is, running it off to the sink.) And after a recent trip to Costco, he became extremely frustrated when unable to help the Manager bring inside the heavy items, such giant bottles and packages of vinegar and brown sugar. P1030299
  • Along the same lines of wanting to do what his coworker does, he likes to play with dolls and fairy princesses, and sparkly purses, necklaces and shoes. And the other day really wanted to wear the Cinderella dress. It kills the CEO, but amuses me. Brought out the blue in his eyes…
  • And, even though he is called out daily for taking after the CEO, looks-wise, I can’t help but see a little of the young Manager, particularly in those chubby cheeks. It is quite possible we are from the same company after all.   

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6 peanuts:
  1. somebody's mom says:

    Well on the way to having the second born's personality... if you want to beleive that sort of thing. Being a second born I kinda identify. Of course M is a second born, but that was six years after her brother and then she's born under the sign of the Bull and in the year of the Chinese Dragon and I think that explains that.

  1. Andria says:

    Love the pictures and the updates! What a sweet, helpful little boy! I can't wait to watch them all run around together NEXT week. yippee!

  1. Beth says:

    My favorite is the part about him shaking K.Lo's cup to see if it's empty, and finding that it is, carrying it to the sink. That's a lot of thought for a little guy! Sweet.

  1. almost anonymous says:

    Such a good helper! So cute that he gets frustrated when he can't.

    We have pictures of my brother in one of my dresses (a red one with little white polka dots)...and now he's a 6' Seabee in the Navy (until August, after which he will probably become a firefighter), so tell the CEO there is hope.

  1. Megan says:

    N.Lo in the princess dresses is inevitable, that's for sure! Do they even make dress up clothes for boys? I have no idea...

    The second picture of him looks so much K.Lo! I think I will have to assess the CEO look a likeness next weekend to give you my firm opinion on that. Otherwise, what a cute picture of the manager! My grandparents used to have that kind of metal and wood slat furniture too!

  1. i love the one where he's glancing up with the bottle in the foreground. great shot.