• Asks a whole lot of questions, but not necessarily in the classic “why?”  manner of 3rd-year employees. (Yet.) Currently, she is interested in the specs of locations and situations. For instance, she may see a pond and ask what’s in that pond continually, until the list of all possible items in that pond have apparently been exhausted: “And what else? And what else? And what else?”
  • She’s making connections between situations she sees or hears about and things she has done. Max and Ruby are going to the beach, for instance, “just like K.Lo and Mommy and Daddy and N.Lo go to the beach.”
  • We always have noted the sound of airplanes and now ambulances are also noteworthy. K.Lo calls it the “andylands.”
  • Since she was old enough to drink juice, I have always served it maybe one-quarter water and three-quarters juice. It cuts down on calories, and saves money, particularly now that two employees drink it. If I get the ratio wrong, however, and skimp, K.Lo says in a very vocal way, “Hey! This is just water in here!”
  • P1030349She has an eagle eye. Notices very, very small things, such as snail shells in the yard.
  • Is extremely anticipatory over our planned company retreat next week and asks every day if we are going, and will she see her colleague soon.
  • In preparation for this retreat, K.Lo has been outfitted with a new swim vest/life jacket, which she clearly had some input in selecting… P1030348
  • Tells everyone she knows about her recent trip to the beach, and how she splashed in the waves and jumped and played in the sand. Obviously, it made quite an impression. We’ll be going back soon!

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  1. Somebody's mom says:


  1. Andria says:

    Awesome! Dellaina will be excited to see K.Lo's PRINCESS life jacket - hopefully, you didn't just cause me to have to go out and buy one, too. ;)
    I'm amazed she can pick out such tiny items! I'd always heard that men were better at spying things long distance (from hunting) and women were better at discerning patterns and small things (from gathering)
    Dellaina also gets stuck in the "And what else?" cycle!

  1. Megan says:

    I can't wait for the retreat so that I can finally meet the other Lo.s! Ella will love K.Lo's choice of a life jacket, which reminds me that I don't have one that fits her anymore... We might be off to the store for one too!

  1. i can't wait to have a day at the beach with the employee. and to hear about these travels coming up... sounds intriguing.