• In the backseat of the car, N.Lo sings along with songs I don’t expect him to: mainly noises rather than words, i.e. “Nah nah nah” along with Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al,” and similar, but it’s still very cute and catches me off guard. He also drums on his legs in imitation of the Manager. He continues to be arrested by music, whenever it is on.
  • I really wish I could be a fly on the wall at preschool sometimes, or Summer Camp, as it’s called now. K.Lo has a few new teachers, and the structure is different, a lot looser than during the school year. One of the new teachers is sweet as she can be, and comforts K.Lo when she’s feeling clingy or upset… but I don’t know why exactly she’s been clingy or upset. Maybe the small changes in routine, which will settle out just in time for the new school year? (Sigh.) Or is it the power of suggestion. Obviously, we teach our kids how to express their feelings in words, i.e. “I feel sad,” but sometimes I feel like K.Lo gets over whatever it is a lot more quickly if the idea isn’t dwelled upon by whoever’s in charge. Does that make sense?
  • K.Lo’s teacher for next year (not the aforementioned) did talk to her a bit today about being her teacher in August, and K.Lo being in a new room, and showing her that room on our way out today. Grateful for that, even if the concept doesn’t sink in until later.
  • We don’t really do an official Time Out in our company for ECC violations. We do send K.Lo to her room if she can’t calm down, and revoke privileges or office supplies in accordance with the crime. They use Time Out at the Outsourcer, however, and today K.Lo sent N.Lo to Time Out for stealing her Cinderella cupcakes. And then again for knocking her magnet creation off the fridge. (He is notorious for this sort of destruction.) She told him to go sit on the couch and “No, no, don’t go anywhere! Get back on the couch and sit there!” Hilarious.
  • N.Lo and K.Lo are becoming partners in crime, chasing each other all over the office and plotting to ask Management for this and that when planning their next stunt. You might guess who is in charge of this operation. One very amusing thing I like to watch is K.Lo helping N.Lo up over the side of the living room chair, which they like to climb and then slide down. When N.Lo is at the top, almost over the side, he looks more than a little like Pooh Bear, trying to get that honey out of the cave…

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2 peanuts:
  1. Megan says:

    Oooh, I totally know what you mean about people not dwelling on the issue. It's almost like you would prefer her to say "It's OK! Wave bye to Mom and we'll go play!" or something.

    Partners in crime, indeed!

  1. pen says:

    Yes, exactly! Or comfort for a moment and then move on? Hmm. I guess the teacher cares, so that's good.