• One of K.Lo’s pink books from the library features a character named Poco Puppy, and recently, K.Lo came up with her own version of Poco Puppy: N.Lo’s MegaBloks fire truck. The fireman sits at the top of the ladder, so maybe that’s the puppy’s face? And she extends the ladder into what I assume is the puppy’s (albeit long) neck. Anyway, she tucks Poco Puppy in for a nap, pushes Poco Puppy down the hallway, and during a rainstorm commented gravely, “Poco Puppy does not like thunder.” N.Lo also refers to the fire truck as Poco Puppy.
  • N.Lo likes K.Lo’s inchworm, the kind that lights up when you squeeze it and plays music? He calls it a dolly, squeezes it to play the music and takes it by the hands to make the dolly dance. And then he sings, “Doo doo doo.” It may possibly be one of the cutest things I have ever seen.
  • Today I taught K.Lo to make a beard out of bath bubbles “just like Daddy’s.” She got out of the tub every five minutes and blazed down the hall to show the CEO her latest soap-tee.
  • We don’t, apparently, have to spend much time at the library for the trip to be meaningful. Both employees are now so schooled in the procedure that they race to the kids room, pick out practically the first thing they see, and then are ready to “check out.” Not bad, where efficiency is concerned. On Friday, we ended up with some seriously scientific books about bugs: Grasshoppers, crickets, and mosquitoes. Did you know that crickets have ears on their legs? I did not.
  • Our company has done some rearranging in the office, relocating all office supplies from the downstairs play area into each of the employee cubicles. It’s much less cluttered than I imagined, and with some closet-cleaning (future Managerial project, date TBA), their cubicles may ultimately be even tidier. In the meantime, two large bookcases and K.Lo’s smaller bookcase have been moved down to the former play area, creating a company library, and the company fish have been relocated across the conference room, freeing up space in front of the windows. Ah. Light.
  • Suddenly the space under the fish tank table has all sorts of imaginative possibilities for K.Lo: it’s her house, her cubby. Etc. I love it.
  • Tonight at dinner, K.Lo reenacted a scene in which the CEO came outside yelled at her and N.Lo. He said, RAH! I managed to very calmly ask her if she knew why he came out and yelled, i.e. was it because she ignored two previous requests to come inside for dinner? And suggested perhaps next time she listen the first time. Very difficult not to laugh, however.
  • We’re recovering from discombobulated Night Shift hours for K.Lo, who snuck in a nap two days in a row. It’s just badness for everyone involved: She takes an Afternoon Break, wakes up in a surly mood, and then doesn’t wind down and actually fall asleep until 10PM. Then, she’s up at the usual ghastly hour of 6:30AM, only to repeat the cycle… Today, Management absolutely insisted on no nap whatsoever. Hopefully, we will get back on track soon enough.

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3 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    I love that I can picture your office re-arrangements! They sound great and very conducive to a productive work day.
    I hope K.Lo gets back on track by the weekend. ;) Except the lake tends to wear them out and keep us all up later and off schedule.

  1. Megan says:

    So, were you cooking those fish in the sunlight by the window? ;)

    I absolutely must hear the RAH! by the CEO this weekend. And then possibly K.Lo's version.

    (Reading that you actually want K.Lo to NOT take a nap is utter confusion for me. I simply can't grasp the concept of wanting a 3 year old to not take a nap (simply because I didn't have to fight the same battle you do, clearly)! I feel for you, Pen, I really do!)

  1. almost anonymous says:

    I request videos, or at least pictures, of N.Lo dancing with the glow worm :)