It turned out that one of our company garden bed’s plants had mites, which I *believe* is the reason for their limited growth over the past few weeks. At any rate, today we went out the garden to combat said mites, and K.Lo volunteered to give the plants a good spray-down with our soap/oil/water concoction. She did such a great job! (I took care of the leaf undersides earlier, which is where the mites live, but didn’t want to deprive her the opportunity to assist.)


Here, she’s starting to smile, because she sees more green tomatoes, which she desperately wants to pick. Soon enough, K.Lo, with any luck!


Other great moments of dialogue today…

The Manager: Did you know you’re going to have a new cousin soon?

K.Lo: A cousin?

The Manager: Yup, we’re going to have a new little boy in the family that you can play with.

K.Lo: A boy?

The Manager: That’s right!

She thinks about it for a moment and says: Oh. I gotcha.


To her coworker: N.Lo… you’re a hoot!

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